Acknowledgement and Thanks

I'm much obliged to all people who gave me the allowance to reproduce their pictures on my website.

The number of fotos are of the unpublished database, only a part of these are used in the website.

Special thanks are given to the TOP 10 (Sept 15th, 2016).

01. Manfred Sommer, Hamburg

02. Brian McMorrow, Dubai

03. Mero Raja, Nepal

04. Prabin Prabodh Amar

05. Ganesh Paudel

06. Ganapati

07. Jerome Ryan, USA

08. Ton van der Kop, Netherlands

09. Oxanna, Kiev

10. Biraha Prakash Dangol, Kathmandu

It would be nice to visit their presentations in the web.

You also can take pictures on your travel and / or in your neighbourhood, describing elements and structures you are missing in this encyclopedia.
The authorship of all fotos sent in will be taken into account.

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