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Kirtipur (Town)

Kyapu, Kipu, Padma Kashthagiri, Kirtipur Hill Town

Kirtipur is the oldest Newar Settlement in the Kathmandu Valley, a town on the ridge of a hill (Hill Town) southwest of Kathmandu.
Kirtipur (Town) here means all Tols inside the Kirtipur Ring Road. 63 Tols acc. M. Shokoohy (2014).
One of the 29 Rural Preservation Districts (RPD) acc. to C. Pruscha (1975).

  • Map from Shangri La Design, 2001

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  • Map from Mehrdad Shokoohy e.a., Street Shrines of Kirtipur, Nepal : As long as the Sun and Moon Endure, London 2014

 Kirtipur (Town)

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