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Thimi (Town)

Alternative Names: Thimi Town


Newar Stadt (Töpferei und Gemüseanbau).
My idea is that each Place (area) in the Town should be represented by at least one picture of a Temple, a Shrine, a Chaitya and Sculptures.


Founded N.S. 633


Sources of the Pictures

  • Map from N.N.

  • Map from N.N.

  • Map from http://www.cinetreks.com.np/maps/2.gif

Here you can find additional descriptions, pictures or drawings to the above mentioned subject

  • National Geographic Information Infrastructure Programme , Index of Geographical Names of Nepal , http://ngiip.gov.np/dynamic/pageDetail/13

  • Ulrike Müller, Die ländlichen Newar-Siedlungen im Kathmandu-Tal, Giessener Geographische Schriften Heft 56 (1984)

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