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Banepa - Chandeshwori Temple Complex


Temple Complex near the Punyamati River.
My idea is that each Place (Area) in the Valley should be represented by at least one picture of a Temple, a Shrine, a Chaitya and Sculptures.

Sources of the Pictures

  • Map from Carl Pruscha, Kathmandu Valley, Vol. 1, 1st ed., Wien 1975

  • Foto by N.N. in http://kavrejaycees.org.np/images/4.jpg

  • Foto by basnetji in http://www.panoramio.com/photo/23917373

Here you can find additional descriptions, pictures or drawings to the above mentioned subject

  • Raju Nepal, Nepal - Each Place a Holy Place, 1st ed., Lalitpur 2012

  • Carl Pruscha, Kathmandu Valley - The Preservation of Physical Environment and Cultural Heritage - A Protective Inventory, Vol. 1, Wien 1975

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Banepa - Chandeshwori Temple Complex

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