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Dear Friends of the Kathmandu Valley

You know the seven famous UNESCO - World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley and they are frequently described in books and in the web.

But the extent and deepness of religious and cultural art and architecture in the valley however is much wider and more existential than found there.
Less taken in consideration or even forgotten are hundreds of Temples, Shrines, Viharas, Chaityas and Sculptures in rural villages and towns all over the valley, just as details of structures and other elements in the hidden courtyards of the cities.

The intention of this page is developing a photographic and bibliographic survey like an encyclopedia of all interesting parts of art and architecture in the valley.

This page is directed to all, who are interested in this subject of study. Please help supporting me with photos and informations. And don't hesitate to point out mistakes and defaults you have found.
You can always contact me under info(at)

Friedhelm N.

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