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Kathmandu Valley - Unidentified Monuments

Shankarapur Municipality

Sankhu (Town)

Shankarapur - Vajra Yogini Temple Complex

Shankarapur - Salinadi Temple Complex

Kageshwori Municipality

Gokarneshwor Municipality

Gokarneshwar - Mahadev Temple Complex

Budhanilkantha Municipality

Budhanilkantha - Temple Complex

Tokha Municipality

Tokha (Town)

Tokha - Chandeshwor Mahadev Temple Complex

Tarakeshwar Municipality

Nagarjun Municipality

Nagarjun - Ichangu Narayan Temple Complex

Chandragiri Municipality

Balambu (Town)

Thankot (Town)

Kisipide (Town)

Bosigaun (Town)

Satungal Town)

Chandragiri - Matatirtha Temple Complex

Chandragiri - Machhenarayan Temple Complex

Dakshinkali Municipality

Pharping (Town)

Dakshinkali - Vajra Yogini Temple Complex

Dakshinkali - Shesh Narayan Temple Complex

Dakshinkali Temple Complex

Kirtipur Municipality

Kirtipur (Town)

Kirtipur - Bagh Bhairav Temple Complex

Kirtipur - Chilandya Stupa Temple Complex

Panga (Town)

Nagaun (Town)

Chobhar (Town)

Kirtipur - Jal Chandra Vinayaka Temple Complex

Kathmandu Metropolitan City - Unidentified Monuments

Kathmandu Ward No. 1 (Narayan Hiti)

Kathmandu Ward No. 2 (Lazimpat)

Kathmandu Ward No. 3 (Maharajganj)

Kathmandu Ward No. 4 (Baluwatar)

Kathmandu Ward No. 5 (Bhat Bhateni)

Kathmandu Ward No. 6 (Boudha)

Kathmandu Ward No. 7 (Mitrapark)

Kathmandu Ward No. 8 (Jayabageshwori)

Kathmandu Ward No. 9 (Gaushala)

Kathmandu Ward No.10 (Baneshwor)

Kathmandu Ward No.11 (Thapathali)

Kathmandu Ward No.12 (Chalku)

Kathmandu Ward No.13 (Kalimati)

Kathmandu Ward No.14 (Kalanki)

Kathmandu Ward No.15 (Bhuikhel)

Kathmandu Ward No.16 (Paknajol)

Kathmandu Ward No. 17 (Chhetrapati)

Kathmandu Ward No.18 (Nardevi)

Kathmandu Ward No.19 (Yetkha)

Kathmandu Ward No.20 (Bhimsensthan)

Kathmandu Ward No.21 (Jaisideval)

Kathmandu Ward No.22 (Tebahal and Phosikho)

Kathmandu Ward No.23 (Ombahal)

Kathmandu Ward No.24 (Makhan Tole and Tahanani)

Kathmandu Ward No.25 (Masangalli and Bangemudha)

Kathmandu Ward No.26 (Thamel)

Kathmandu Ward No.27 (Mahaboudha)

Kathmandu Ward No.28 (Bagbazar)

Kathmandu Ward No.29 (Dillibazar)

Kathmandu Ward No.30 (Gyaneshwor)

Kathmandu Ward No.31 (Bhimsengola)

Kathmandu Ward No.32 (Koteshwar)

Kathmandu - Bagmati Ghats

Kathmandu - Chabahil

Hanuman Dhoka Darbar Monument Zone - Unidentified Monuments

Kathmandu - Hanuman Dhoka Darbar

Kathmandu - Hanuman Dhoka Darbar Square

Kathmandu - Swayambhunath Monument Zone

Kathmandu - Pashupatinath Monument Zone

Kathmandu - Bodnath Monument Zone

Kathmandu - Kathesimbhu Complex

Mahalakshmi Municipality

Siddhipur (Town)

Lubhu (Town)

Godawari Municipality

Bandegaun (Town)

Thaiba (Town)

Godawari (Town)

Thecho (Town)

Chapagaun (Town)

Bulu (Town)

Pyangaun (Town)

Lele (Town)

Godawari - Tikha Bhairab Temple Complex

Bagmati Ward No. 1 (Ghusel)

Konjyosom Ward No. 4 (Nallu)

Konjyosom Ward No. 5 (Bhardev)

Patan Metropolitan City - Unidentified Monuments

Lalitpur Ward No. 1 (Kupondole)

Lalitpur Ward No. 2 (Sanepa)

Lalitpur Ward No. 3 (Pulchowk)

Lalitpur Ward No. 4 (Jawalakhel)

Lalitpur Ward No. 5 (Lagankhel)

Lalitpur Ward No. 6 (Kanibahal)

Lalitpur Ward No. 7 (Dupat)

Lalitpur Ward No. 8 (Guintole)

Lalitpur Ward No. 9 (Chyasal)

Lalitpur Ward No. 10 (Hanumansthan)

Lalitpur Ward No. 11 (Alkobahiti)

Lalitpur Ward No. 12 (Bakhunbahal and Lagankhel)

Lalitpur Ward No. 13 (Kusanti)

Lalitpur Ward No. 14 (Tikhidewal)

Lalitpur Ward No. 15 (Khumaltar)

Lalitpur Ward No. 16 (Dhapagal and Daubahal)

Lalitpur Ward No. 17 (Lukhunsi)

Lalitpur Ward No. 19 (Agnishal)

Lalitpur Ward No. 20 (Na Tole and Pimbahal)

Lalitpur Ward No. 21 (Khokana)

Khokana (Town)

Lalitpur Ward No. 22 (Bungamati)

Bungamati (Town)

Lalitpur Ward No.23 (Dhapakhel)

Lalitpur Ward No.24 (Dhapakhel)

Lalitpur Ward No.18 (Sainbi)

Lalitpur Ward No.25 (Sainbu)

Lalitpur Ward No. 26 (Sunakothi)

Lalitpur Ward No. 27 (Sunakothi)

Sunakothi (Town)

Lalitpur Ward No. 28 (Harisiddhi)

Lalitpur Ward No. 29 (Harisiddhi)

Harisiddhi (Town)

Patan Darbar Square Monument Zone - Unidentified Monuments

Patan Darbar

Patan Darbar Square

Patan - Kumbheshwar Temple Complex

Patan - Shankhamul Ghats

Bhaktapur District - Unidentified Monuments

Madhyapur Thimi Municipality

Thimi (Town)

Bode (Town)

Nagadesh (Town)

Changu Narayan Municipality

Changu Narayan Monument Zone

Nagarkot (Town)

Suryabinayak Municipality

Bhaktapur Municipality - Unidentified Monuments

Bhaktapur Ward No. 1 (Bharbhacho)

Bhaktapur Ward No. 2 (Itachen and Byasi)

Bhaktapur Ward No. 3 (Kolachen and Bansagopal)

Bhaktapur Ward No. 4 (Ram Mandir and Golachen)

Bhaktapur Ward No. 5 (Bhelukhel and Sukuldhoka)

Bhaktapur Ward No. 6 (Chokachen and Malachen)

Bhaktapur Ward No. 7 (Golmadhi and Inacho)

Bhaktapur Ward No. 8 (Jenla Tole)

Bhaktapur Ward No. 9 (Tachapal and Suryamadhi)

Bhaktapur Ward No. 10 (Kamalbinayak)

Bhaktapur Monument Zone

Bhaktapur Darbar

Bhaktapur Darbar Square

Bhaktapur - Nyatapola Square

Bhaktapur - Dattatreya Square

Bhaktapur - Hanumante Ghats

Kavrepalanchowk District - Unidentified Monuments

Banepa Municipality

Banepa (Town)

Nala (Town)

Sanga (Town)

Banepa - Chandeshwori Temple Complex

Dhulikhel Municipality

Dhulikhel (Town)

Shrikhandapur (Town)

Panauti Municipality

Panauti (Town)

Panauti - Indreshwor Mahadev Temple Complex

Panauti - Tribeni Ghats

Khopasi (Town)

Namobuddha Municipality

Namo Buddha Temple Complex

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