Root   Sankhu (Town)   

Sankhu (Town)

Sakva, Sakwo De, Sankar Patan, Shankharapur

There are 8 Toles (Community Areas) in Sankhu acc. Bal G. Shrestha (2002)
One of the 29 Rural Preservation Districts (RPD) acc. C. Pruscha (1975).
Tentative List of the UNESCO World Heritage 2008 : Vajrayogini and early Settlement of Sankhu.

No. 41

  • Map from N. Gutschow, Newar Towns and Buildings, 1987

  • Map from

  • Map from Ulrike Müller, Die ländlichen Newar-Siedlungen im Kathmandu-Tal, Giessener Geographische Schriften Heft 56 (1984)

 Sankhu (Town)

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