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Bhaktapur - Dattatreya Square

Alternative Names: Tachapal Tole. Tachupal, Tachpal, Tacapal, Tacapah


One of the 24 Toles acc. to N. Gutschow. Tachupal means "Grand Resthouse".
My idea is that each Place (area) in the City should be represented by at least one picture of a Temple, a Shrine, a Chaitya and Sculptures.


Datas not well-known



You`ll find it`s Location in the picture farthest left under
No. 19


Sources of the Pictures

  • Map from N.N.

  • Map from N.N.

  • Foto by N.N. in http://ganapati.free.fr/travels/nepal/photbhak12.html

Here you can find additional descriptions, pictures or drawings to the above mentioned subject

  • Niels Gutschow, Stadtraum und Ritual der Newarischen Städte im Kathmandu Tal, Stuttgart 1982

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Bhaktapur - Dattatreya Square

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