Bibliography of the Religious and Cultural Art and Architecture in the Kathmandu Valley

1. First have a look to an interesting activity of Wikipedia.

2. Then we will pay attention to an increditable chapter of Nepalese Art and Architecture

Lain S. Bangdel, Stolen Images of Nepal, Kathmandu 1989

3. Extensive and meaningful collections of pictures shot by Nepal Travelers who allowed me to use their pictures

Please have a look at their excellent websites.

Johannes Bornmann, D-71101 Schoenaich, Bilder vom Leben und der Kultur im Himalaya-Staat Nepal

Stichting Milijuli, Fotos from Nepal and Informations

4. Standard Books - You must know!

Carl Pruscha, Kathmandu Valley - The Preservation of Physical Environment and Cultural Heritage
A Protective Inventory, Vol. 1 and 2, Vienna 1975

Niels Gutschow, Architecture of the Newars
A History of Building Typologies and Details in Nepal, 2011, Vol. I to III

5. Books of Special Fields

Niels Gutschow, The Nepalese Caitya - 1500 Years of Buddhist Votive Architecture in the Kathmandu Valley
Stuttgart 1997

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